Advice about Advice, Part 1 of 3

Advice: From the Latin videre, “to see.” Generally, meaning one’s opinion (i.e., “as I see it” or “in my view”) worthy of another’s consideration and application.


Many of us, via the wide-range of varied social media, frequently post pieces of advice. These bits of guidance, usually, either have been heard first from the mouths of trusted elders, and then tested through the recipient’s life-experience or have been penned by a notably accomplished public figure who, autobiographically, endeavors to detail the root and path of personal successes and failures. In each case, the counsel is offered in the fairest hope and with the commendable intention of sharing a word of wisdom with all of us.

Nearing the close of my seventh decade (although the length of one’s living does not necessarily correlate with the accumulation of knowledge and understanding!), it seems to me that, at the least, there are two categories of advice – good and bad.

The former, when applied at length and by large numbers of people, proverbially, standing the test of time, is proven to be credible, nearly universally applicable, and yielding favorable results.

The latter, also employed over time and by many, is demonstrated to be unreasonable, based on flawed logic and resulting in various degrees of less than sanguine effects.

Now, joining with my aforementioned “many of us,” I share…

More to come…

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