A New Year Revolution

I had an end-of-the-year weighty goal. The morning arrived. I had come close, but not close enough. So, for my nearly first act of the new year, I kicked (not literally, but close enough) myself for having failed.

Then, I asked myself: “Paul, will you accept progress over perfection? And when was the last time you were perfect?”

Hmmm,” I answered myself (for I always answer myself), “never.”

Good!” (I heard myself answer myself answering myself) “Let’s run with that, in this and in all things, for 2022. It’s called ‘being real.’”

© 2022 PRA

2 thoughts on “A New Year Revolution

  1. Happy New Year Paul!! I’m going to give you a huge AMEN for being REAL!! May we all be that in 2022!



  2. I thought to use the word “authentic,” but, the more I considered it “real” works better than well!



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