Note: From the Greek asthenes, “weak” + ops, “eye”, i.e., eyestrain


(O God)…rule the hearts of those who bear the authority of government in this and every land, that they may be led to wise decisions and right actions for the welfare and peace of the world.[1]

In praying suchwise, what do I seek? One word: Greatness.

What is “greatness”? A state of being and doing encompassing two qualities…

One, the ability and willingness (for achievement, I believe, rests on having, in equal measure, both capacities) to respond to life’s circumstances not with the impulsivity that cannot perceive even near at hand consequences, but rather with the reserve of farsighted wisdom.

Two, the ability and willingness to recognize with clarity and to regard with dignity the histories and memories, the perspectives and passions, the desires and needs of others; particularly those – whether individuals or peoples – who are most “other.”

Love, unconditional benevolence for all, and justice, unconditional fairness toward all are the lenses through which I look at the world.

Today, I, longing to behold evidences of leaders who, in word and deed, rise from the abyss of rampant, reckless self-interest to the apex of enlightened humankindness, suffer from asthenopia.

So, by faith, daily, I pray: O God, rule the hearts of those who bear the authority of government in this and every land…

© 2022 PRA

#leadership #enlightenedleadership #loveandjustice

[1] From The Prayers of the People, The Book of Common Prayer, page 329

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