Finding Home, Part 4 of 4

Finding Home, Part 4 of 4

A Lenten Meditation on Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32


The prodigal son “coming to himself” – and, interpreting this personally, my coming to myself, and universalizing it, our coming to ourselves – is a decidedly spiritual journey.

A journey that may lead to the discovery or rediscovery that home – where we are free to be and to become, where we are accepted and loved – is primarily not metaphysically external to us, but rather existentially within us. For when we do not (or cannot) accept and love ourselves, indeed, “the other” within us, then neither can another accept and love us enough nor can we truly accept and love another.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Home, Part 4 of 4

  1. I’ve thought about this Paul since yesterday! I want to love others unconditionally and now realize that I have to unconditionally love myself first before I can do that! The four parts of this series gave me the perfect Lenten work to do on myself and I’m grateful because I am feeling much more at home!


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  2. Ah, my beloved sister, loving ourselves first before we can love others and, indeed, allow them to love us (which is to say, allow ourselves to receive their love), this, I believe, is an existential reality and spiritual truth for each and for all of us.

    And thanks be to God that you are “feeling much more at home.”



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