If…then…, Part 1 of 2: A (Obvious?) Question

If airliner and automobile crashes lead to legislation and regulations to make airliner and automobile travel safer, and

If (and if it can be proven that) most airliner and automobile crashes are caused by environmental (weather-and/or-road-related) factors, mechanical failure, or pilot/driver unforeseeable error, and

If, in many (most?) cases, mass-fatality gun violence is the horrific result of premeditation (which, as an act of cognition, principally, is within the realm of human control),

Then why can’t, won’t we fashion legislation geared toward the prevention of more acts of gun violence or, at the least, compel strictest compliance with gun laws already on the books?

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2 thoughts on “If…then…, Part 1 of 2: A (Obvious?) Question

  1. Such a GREAT question Paul!! I think it’s all about POWER!! It’s simply an incomprehensible situation.


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  2. Power. Yes. I have come to see and to believe that we humans, each and all of us, to one degree or another and in response to one circumstance or another, inherently possess self-interest and a will to power. That is to say, we desire to control our surroundings, which includes events and people. Even when we realize that much of life is beyond our command and control, our tendencies to lean toward our interests and our yearning to be in power remain. I think and feel this continues to be true even, perhaps especially when we learn to temper our self-absorption with the love from above, that is, of God, which calls to return to our truest selves, which is to be people-for-others. Now, I write all this with this caveat… All of this I have learned about myself (indeed, my self), which is to say, I speak for myself recognizing that this may apply to no one but me!



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