If…then…, An Afterthought

If any of my guesses (about our American unwillingness to do anything more vigorously legislative concerning gun control)[1] are true, then I remain disturbed. On two levels…

One, that there is little promise of statutory remedy to the ready access to the flood of firearms; particularly assault weaponry.

Two, that, even if our national legislative body was to act with purpose in regard to gun control, laws do not and cannot govern the passions of the human psyche and resultant beliefs and behaviors, whether individual or communal. In a word, no matter the law, there will be those who seek to violate it.

Nevertheless, on both counts, I continue to pray: Let there be law.

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[1] See my previous post, If…then…, Part 2 of 2: Hazarding Some Answers, 05/28/2022

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2 thoughts on “If…then…, An Afterthought

  1. Praying for law too Paul, but YES there will always be violators!!



    1. Loretta, it is at moments like these — moments of the starkest of reminders of the world in which we live where and when the good and the right are (seem) overcome by the bad and the wrong — that, rather than despair, which, I confess, is always a temptation, I continue, in faith, to pray and to await the coming of salvation — of wholeness and healing — which, as God is constant, ever is the Divine promise through the Spirit. I think, too, of people like you, people of good (aye, grand) will who strive day by day to share your gracious gifts. You are a sign of God’s salvation, wholeness and healing. Thus, as I always say to you: Carry on! Love

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