Empty Pols

I value intelligence; that human capacity and willingness to acquire and apply knowledge (thus, requiring our humble openness to the ever-abounding, changing world and others around us).

I value eloquence; that human fluency of language that allows the conception and communication of nuanced ideas.

I value intelligent and eloquent representation; that elected officials embrace and embody the twin competencies of clarity of thought and coherency in speech.

When I look and listen to many of my fellow Americans who have occupied, do occupy, or seek to occupy elective office, I value prayer: Kyrie eleison. Lord, have mercy.

Postscript: Whenever personality and celebrity trump intelligence and eloquence, trouble is never far. For our highest aspirations are beyond sight and our lowest predilections, (too) close at hand.

© 2022 PRA

#politicians #appealingtobasehumaninstincts

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