Lifelong, Long-Lived Lessons

On my 70th birthday, a partial retrospective in free verse…

In the beginning, idyllic innocence…

Could he have known, then, when young, that, sometimes, those inflicting most hurt, and, mostly, absent of intent, would be those s’pposed to love him first and best?

No. Though learn that lesson he did.

Could he have known, then, when young, that oft (always?) the world’s scales were (are!) imbalanced; favoring upper classes and certain colors (although those who knew taught him via “The Talk” that he must work harder to be better and smarter in order, merely, to be considered equal)?

No. Though learn that lesson he did.

Could he have known then, when so young (as ancient Simeon prophesied to Mary, because of the self-sacrificial life of her son, she would suffer; a sword piercing her soul) that the trials of others crucified on the crosses of the world’s injustices would grieve his bleeding heart more, far more than his own struggles?

No. Though live, in striving to serve, that lesson he does.

© 2022 PRA

Photograph: c. 1953

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3 thoughts on “Lifelong, Long-Lived Lessons

  1. Happy 70th Birthday Paul Roberts Abernathy!! Ohhhhhh the lessons you have learned!!!! Another lesson you couldn’t have known as a child was how many lives you would touch through you life, words and ministry!!! So as you often tell me…. Carry on!!!


  2. Thank you, Loretta! I will try to carry on! Love!

    Liked by 1 person

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