“I’m right!”, Part 1

Subtitle: An observation of these contentious times

The need to be right. I don’t know the origin, but I have a sense of the source. Fear. A fear deeper, more primal than insecurity, of feeling unsafe. A fear, particularly in the face of disagreement, that unless one vigorously defines and defends one’s self (whether that self be an individual, family, community, group, or nation) then one will suffer annihilation, ceasing to exist. It is this kind of fear that makes intransigence respectable and vehemence, even violence a virtue.[1]

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#selfrighteousness #fear

[1] From my sermon, The Right to Be Right, preached with the people of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, December 14, 2003

2 thoughts on ““I’m right!”, Part 1

  1. Thank you Paul, I’ve always wondered where the NEED to be right comes from and WHY it’s so hard for us to be ok with someone else being right. Fear seems like a plausible reason for always wanting to be right and I think that fear has certainly led to violence maybe even more than we think! .

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    1. Aye, my beloved sister, fear, I think and feel, is one of the most constant and largest motivators, and not only for the short term. Its effects are wide-ranging and lasting!



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