What’s Your Plan(et) B?

We’re in (we are) a world of trouble. Largely, I think, I believe, because humans, ever-competitive and inclined towards conflict, fall short of the inherent harmony of the created order. Thus, we resist learning (refuse to learn?) from Nature to live in the concord of the unconditional benevolence of love.

Sometimes I wonder (and I wonder whether others wonder): If only I could escape to another world or send to another world all those with whom I disagree. However, beyond NASA’s space program, despite the proliferation of privately funded options for interstellar travel, relocation to another world is neither financially feasible nor, more importantly, viable.

So, as there is no Planet B (at least, not yet), Plan A, our learning to live in love, as always, remains our best bet.

© 2022 PRA

#unconditionallove #learningtoliveinlove #NationalAeronauticsandSpaceAdministration #spacetravel

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