“…, but…”

A word of contrast that tends to negate all that precedes it. To encourage continued conversation and, perchance, to inspire connection, ofttimes, “and” is better.

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#reachingacrossbarriers #blestbethetiesthatbind #openendedconversation

4 thoughts on ““…, but…”

  1. …. unless what precedes the “but” is bad news or a negative statement. Then the “but” may be very welcome! 🙂




    1. Indeed, my dear sister, indeed. Precisely for this reason, I employed the wording “tends” and “ofttimes”, which is to say, sometimes or not always.

      Still, as I wrestle with how to stay in conversation with “the (my) other” — that one who stands opposed to my views, who, sometimes, is without and, sometimes, within — I have discerned that “and” is more serviceable to the cause of connection than “but”.

      Love, Paul


      1. I love the two you you!! AND & BUT! You’ve given me a lot to think about!! I try not to say BUT, especially with people I’ve had previous disagreements with.



      2. Often, I catch myself saying “but” when I disagree with what is being said to me, when, truly, I want to listen and to learn another point of view. In this awareness, I believe that I have been conditioned through time and experience — some of it involved in my, now, lifelong and ongoing process of self-differentiation — to response with the “but” of self-defense. That said, I would like to think that I’ve grown — and continue to grow — beyond the boundaries of my need to erect barriers to the influences of others. For, truth to tell, I want to present myself to the world as a welcoming soul who is open to words and ways of others, even and especially when contrary to my sense of things.


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