Being Honest with Myself

Subtitle: My best policy

In one sense, it’s easy. For whenever I’m conscious of the necessity of being honest with myself, it means that the thing about myself about which I need to be honest (usually, a negative attitude, disposition, or personality trait) has arisen (again!).

In another sense, it’s hard. For I’d prefer not to have to admit (again!) the worst of me.

Either way, the risk of honesty is not in risking honesty. Or, at least, the risk of honesty doesn’t end once honesty is risked. Rather, it begins and remains.

Nevertheless, being honest with myself is an (a most!) essential element of my continuing to become who I am meant to be, might be, can and will be.

© 2022 PRA

#selfawareness #personalgrowth #beingandbecoming

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