A Word-to-the-Wise

Subtitle: A matter of life or death

Manifold times, my sainted grandmother, Audia Mae Hoard Roberts (August 24, 1890-October 18, 1979), to assure herself of my comprehension, repeated these words of counsel:

“Whenever I hear good news about anyone, I, spreading it around, let it live. Whenever it is bad news, I, saying no more, let it die with me.”

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2 thoughts on “A Word-to-the-Wise

  1. Amen to letting mama hr bad news die with me!!

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  2. Often, o’er the years, I have had many occasions to recall my grandmother’s counsel. I confess, too, that when I’ve been compelled to remember her saintly words, usually, it is because I hadn’t cleaved to her word. When I have participated in gossip, always the results have been onerous, for all involved. Those with whom I passed on the bad news about another and for my soul’s sake. I am pleased, in my existential and spiritual growth, to note that I hath become that proverbial “soul of discretion”; thus, refusing to be one who participates in keeping alive the bad news about another.



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