How? When…

The Lord looks down from heaven to see if there are any who are wise, who seek after God. They have all gone astray, none do good, no, not one (Psalms 14.2-3 and 53.2-3; my revision)

As it is written, “There is none who is righteous, not even one; none is wise, none seeks God” (Romans 3.11-12; my revision)

How can we continue to live the unlivable?

When surrounded by more guns than people.

When war is preferred to peace.

When politics makes few bedfellows, strange or otherwise, for compromise is anathema.

When leaders sacrifice truth on blood-stained altars of practiced artifice.

When fear builds barriers, faster and stronger, bigger and better than bridges.

When glass-housed denizens continue to throw stones.

When shrill voices hoarsen screaming curses at “the other.”

When ears are deaf to any word other than their own.

When riverbeds run dry, oceans rise, storms blow fiercer, fires rage hotter, and the air is unbreathable.

How? We can’t. Exist? Maybe (but for how long?). Live? Thrive? No.

So, what will you and I do today to help make the unlivable livable, at least a little longer?

© 2022 PRA

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