Small Blessings Make a Great Day

Subtitle: Another Reflection for Labor Day

Hungering for my favorite sub, I went to my favorite delicatessen. After placing my order, a conversation ensued with the blessed maker of my sandwich, who, for confirmation, first repeated what I had said:

“Yes, sir.”

“Oh, no, sir, I need to say ‘sir’ to you. I’m only eighteen.”

“My parents taught me to be respectful of all people.”

“Mine taught me the same lesson. Still, you are older than I.”

“Well, I thank you.”

“By the way, you have a voice that should be on radio.”

“Thank you.” (Often folk have said that to me.) “You are kind.”

“Just telling the truth. This is going to be a great sandwich. I’m praying over it as I make it. I pray about everything I try to do. I hope you enjoy it.”

“I will, and trust that I shall pray over it before partaking of it.”

“That’s good. It’s hard to give thanks to God and not be grateful for all we have, especially when others have so little.”


© 2022 PRA

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4 thoughts on “Small Blessings Make a Great Day

  1. What a beautiful little vignette, Paul. No wonder the deli is your favorite. Isn’t it the case that an encounter such as you had with that young man can simply make your day? Even your week, perhaps. I hope you enjoyed the sandwich as much as you anticipated. If the picture you provided was actually a picture of it, I have no doubt that was the case.

    Blessings and thanks to you for offering up the story for the rest of us. And blessings on that young man and his future. God will always be at his side, whatever he is doing, I think. Bless those parents for offering him such a start in life.




    1. Thank you, dear Karen. And, yes, the encounter with the young man, perhaps, especially, because it was unexpected (and, indeed, could not have been anticipated), was a wondrous blessing for the day, the week, aye, for as long as I will and can remember it.

      Always praying and wishing you, Ted, and Emilia well.



      1. Many thanks for your prayers and well-wishes, Paul. Last week we moved into a condo in the heart of the city of Minneapolis and are working to settle ourselves for, we hope, the remainder of our lives in a richly varied – in every sense of the word – ever-changing community. We are nine blocks from Emilia, and we are closer to good friends who are also in the city. Our suburban surroundings no longer felt comfortable, and most of our interests and pursuits are in the city.

        We are still surrounded by boxes and spend time turning in circles trying to figure out where things go. Prayers for the transition to a different kind of life are very much appreciated right now. May we become a helpful part of the healing and change that need to take place in the city of Minneapolis.




      2. My dearest Karen, I pray you and Ted the blessing of the peace of patience and the patience of peace in your unpacking and sorting and placing of your goods, each and all representative of your refashioned lives in your new space. In this labor, may you, each and both, also be blessed with the grace of serenity in having made a choice that benefits you and Emilia and all ’round you. Love


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