Praying for Peace

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, requiescat in pace. I pray the Queen’s eternal peace and solace for a people, indeed, for all peoples in mourning.

I also note an outpouring on social media of other, less than laudatory sentiments that call into question the role of an empire; one with decidedly imperialistic intentions and deeds in its history.

As every death, for the living, is a summons to a reckoning, a judgment; so, I believe, it is, perhaps, especially true in the case of one who has embodied, who hath been the symbol of the soul of a nation.

My point? Peace.

In these particularly fractious times, nationally and globally, when contrary points of view provoke harshest reactions, I pray for universal and mutual understanding for all who mourn and for all who do not.

© 2022 PRA

#seekingpeace #beingapeacemaker #themeaningofdeath #deathasatimeofreckoning #mutualunderstanding

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