Truest Hospitality

Years ago, ‘twas in South Africa, from the peoples of the Xhosa and Zulu tribes, who, whenever one appeared at the threshold of their homes, said, “God has blessed us for you have come”, that I learned this abiding life-lesson: Hospitality always is inherently mutual. For whatever the host provides, none of it matters until the guest arrives.

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2 thoughts on “Truest Hospitality

  1. Dear Paul,

    I find it so sweet and fitting that someone who understands this truth about hospitality as deeply as you and Pontheolla do actually own and manage a beautiful place like Clevedale. I know it was very likely not intended as a place for welcoming all when it was built, but indeed, because of the vision, wisdom, love, and commitment of the two of you, it is now, I believe, living into its highest and best purpose.




    1. Thank you, my dearest Karen, you are kind, so very kind to Pontheolla and me.

      As for Clevedale and its history of hospitality — those who were welcomed and those, perhaps, who were not — I do not and cannot recall when the shift in Pontheolla’s and my language occurred. That is, when we began to recount to others that Clevedale, at its founding, was a part of a 440-acre “plantation” (rather than “farm”, as we had said when we launched the business). I suspect this was an expression (both literally and metaphorically) of our conscious and subconscious realization that in, the era of the 18th century South, what else could the land have been? And, as a plantation, indeed, not all were welcomed and, surely, those who worked the land, although in that sense “welcomed”, were not offered every element of human hospitality, verily, liberality.

      Again, my dearest sister, I thank you.

      Love, always and in all ways, to you, Ted, and Emilia. And praying your and Ted’s continued settling into your “new land” in and of the city goes well.


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