Temptations I’ve Known

Of Comparison

Whenever I, usually for reasons deeply, fragilely egoistic, measure myself against another, instinctively, I know this risk: I, in my estimation, by whatever measures I choose, will find somebody, some lesser mortal over whom to exalt myself; even if only on the triumphant dais of my mind, staged for an audience of one, but, inevitably, I also will stumble over the feet of giants whose achievements make my accomplishments minute.

If I must compare (and compare, I must; for the estimation of similarities and dissimilarities between things and, yes, people, is one of the chiefest human means of discernment), then I shall stand beside the best of myself; which, for me, is my creation in the image of God. And, in that evaluation, immediately, the worst of me leaps from the shadows into sincerity’s searching, searing light. And when that happens, I am left only to pray, as another courageously honest soul, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner!”[1]

© 2022 PRA

#temptation #comparingmyselftoothers #beingmadeinGodsimage #thesinofselfpraise

[1] Luke 18.13b

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