To be is to do, to do is to be(come)

Last night. Dinner with newfound friends. Yet our shared sense, indeed, spirit was one of long-lived fellowship. Our conversation flowed easily. Readily flowering into storytelling. All reveling in the revelation of elements, chapters and verses of our personal histories. From whence we had come. Where we are now. Who we perceive ourselves to be. What matters to us. What values we cherish. How we strive to live our lives.

After a moment’s pause, a query: “Paul, if you had your life and work to live over again, what would you be doing?” (All these years, I’ve never been asked that question.) Without another moment’s hesitation, almost pre-cognitively, I said, “Precisely what I have done.”

This morning, upon waking, I reflected on my response. Yes, I’d be doing what (now, it feels like always) I’ve done. I think

For after 45 years of labor, it’s difficult (impossible) for me to distinguish who I am because of my vocation from who I might have become apart from it, which, through the course of this day, has led me to reflect anew on that ageless connection between being and doing. Truly, the subject of a (my) lifetime.

© 2022 PRA

#beinganddoing #beingandbecoming #existentialism

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