Waiting (A Confession) – An Advent Prayer

Note: Advent, from the Latin, adventus, “coming”, is the Christian season of preparation for Jesus’ birth, the heart of the Christmas celebration, and, according to scripture and the Christian creeds, his second appearance on some future, unknown day and, also according to scripture and Christian tradition, his daily coming through the Holy Spirit. Hence, the theme of waiting for Jesus is Advent’s clarion call.

O Lord Jesus, how much of my time, day by day, moment by moment, do I spend waiting?

Waiting in line.

Waiting at a traffic light.

Waiting for word about a medical test result.

Waiting to hear from loved ones in times of accident, illness, and natural calamity.

Waiting for a good time to try something new or to end something old.

Waiting for the moment of an anticipated event to begin.

Waiting for the moment of a dreaded event to end.

Waiting for the outcome of an election.

Yes, O Lord Jesus, in these aspects of my living and more than I can name, I wait. A lot.

Yet how much, O Lord Jesus, day by day, moment by moment do I anticipate Your coming into this world? Into my life? Into this world through my life?

I confess, O Lord Jesus, a lot less.

So, O Lord Jesus, hearken unto this my prayer, as the psalmist sang: “As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for You.”[1]

Marana-tha! Come, Lord Jesus![2]


© 2022 PRA


[1] Psalm 42.1

[2] 1 Corinthians 16.22b, Revelation 22.20b

2 thoughts on “Waiting (A Confession) – An Advent Prayer

  1. Ohhhhh this really hit home for me and I’m sure lots of other people too!!!! Being in Wait mode is rarely fun!! This year I tried to make it a game because so many bad things happened! I tried to pretend that something good was going to be a prize at the end of the waiting period. It’s been forever since I’ve consciously waited on God…. But the good news is I think I’m covered because I do try to see God in everyone and to do God’s work through my work. I guess that’s as close as I’m going to get for now.


  2. “…the good news is I think I’m covered because I do try to see God in everyone and to do God’s work through my work.” Amen! This is good news…

    which leads me to wonder and, perhaps, believe that remaining hopeful (which, for me, is expressed in your outlook, indeed, your looking for God in all things and in everyone) is a pathway to (and the place of) abiding in God come what may…

    As I continue to consider this, it seems to me that you posture is one of trust in God; the kind of confidence that betides whate’er befalls.

    In a word: Carry on! AND thank you for this word of inspiration!



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