On the 10th Day of Christmas

A new year’s personal projection and prayer for peace…

Today, I don’t know what will befall me in the next 362 days of this year.

Nevertheless, with a certainty that risks no rebuttal, I believe that I will experience the arising of dreams and desires, which will bespeak fulfillment for me. Yet, in the face of life’s always uncontrollable chance and circumstance, I also believe that I will encounter the disappointment of the deferral, perhaps, denial of (some? most? all?) my dreams and desires.

In this, I will have occasions to discern and opportunities to decide which way I shall go. And, in this, my decisions will determine my destiny – who and where I shall be on January 3, 2024.

Finally, I doubt that I will understand everything that will happen around, to, in, and through me. Nevertheless, in perceiving and believing in God’s presence and providence, I pray to be at peace. Thus, in the words of the hymn:

I know not where the road will lead I follow day by day,

or where it ends: I only know I walk the King’s highway.

I know not if the way is long, and no one else can say;

but rough or smooth, up hill or down, I walk the King’s highway.[1]

© 2023 PRA

#Godsprovidence #Godspresence #beingatpeace #lifeschanceandcircumstance #dreamsanddesires #deferralanddenial #discernmentanddecisionmaking #destiny

[1] From the hymn, I know not where the road will lead, verse 1 (1922), Evelyn Atwater Cummins (1891-1971)

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