You come on the waves of your reason (which, tho’, as surely as breath, my gift to you, you deem your own invention), investing the priceless treasure of your trust in your logic.

Even when looking up, you imagine only your own reflection.

Yet you wonder why you cannot find me.

(c) 2023 PRA

2 thoughts on “Hubris

  1. Thank you Paul!! When we look up at the sky we see some beautiful things, maybe even including our own reflection….. but wow is it hard to focus on just one thing – or to feel seen in some vastness! Sometimes for me looking up at the sky can be overwhelming for me because I realize how small I really am.



  2. Sometimes, Loretta, I think that in my realization of my smallness (which, as you, I, too, recognize every time I look up), I remain an entity of substance — of flesh and bone and blood, of mind and thought, of heart and soul and will — thus, someone who can do something for good. It’s that “hope-thing”! Thank you, my beloved sister, for reminding me of that.



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