Subtitle: What Easter Means

In every biblical gospel account of the resurrection of Jesus, women are the first witnesses and evangelists, going forth to proclaim the good news.[1]

In the two biblical gospel accounts of the resurrection of Jesus in which he directs the women to go and proclaim the good news, he refers to his disciples – who betrayed, denied, and forsook him in his greatest hour of need – as “my brothers.”[2]

What else do I need to know about God’s will concerning inclusion and forgiveness? Nothing.

What else do I need to do to fulfill God’s will concerning inclusion and forgiveness? All that I can. If only I will.

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Illustration: Christ Appears to the Holy Women, James Tissot (1836-1902)

[1] See Matthew 28.8, 10; Mark 16.10; Luke 24.9; John 20.18

[2] See Matthew 28.10 and John 20.17

2 thoughts on “I.F.

  1. Paul,

    Whew!! I’ll tell ya referring to someone who betrayed you in that way as your “brothers” is a monumental lesson in forgiveness and we can definitely all learn from it!!

    Being able to live our lives fulfilling God’s will is a monumental task!! Who will step up to the plate for that???


  2. “…a monumental lesson in forgiveness…” Amen!

    In regard to forgiveness (and repentance), recently, it occurred to me that these two principles, indeed, practices are central to the message of the resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24.47). And, speaking always, only for myself, they are the hardest things that I am called to do. To forgive those who have hurt me. To repent, to turn away from my will, so to seek God’s will. Yet it all makes sense. For God in Jesus did the hardest thing – redeem us from sin and death. Therefore, it follows that my faith calls me to do the hardest thing(s).



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