I am…

A nearly 70-something inveterate question-asker (my near-constant “Why?” drove my parents batty!), and

A thinker, constantly turning ideas over in my mind; indeed, when given new information, I oft change my mind (truth be told, if I didn’t change my mind, I probably wouldn’t do much thinking at all!), and

A life-long, life-time bibliophile and logophile. My love of books and words, in league with my love of justice led me to college with a vision of a future career as an attorney and advocate for the disenfranchised. However, God had another idea, calling me to become a priest in the Episcopal Church.

Early in 2015, following over 35 years of active ministry, I retired. Yet, as I live and breath, I continue to question everything, think about everything, and write almost about everything.

Check out my musings…Blog

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