Finding the Freedom to Forgive, Part 1 of 5

Prologue: The temper of the times, nationally and globally, politically and personally, is wroth. Division and anger reign. I do not stand apart, casting my judging eye on all ‘round about me. For I, as opinionated and, I confess, as grudge-bearing as (and, depending on the subject, perhaps more than) the next person, bear in my body, my belly the prevailing tensions of these days. As a Christian, I am called to contemplate that cardinal, necessary act, indeed, art of all human relating: Forgiveness.



To pardon one who has disregarded, even disrespected me. Perhaps responding cavalierly, even callously to my trusting self-revelation of my inmost desires and needs. Or exploiting that knowledge of my deepest yearnings for personal advantage or gain.


To make peace with one who has humbled, even humiliated me. Perhaps defaulting on a sacred trust; publicly disclosing my once and softly spoken secret. Or dishonoring me through an all-too-casual act of infidelity.


To say to one, whether alive or dead, who has wronged me, wounded me, “I forgive you.”

2 thoughts on “Finding the Freedom to Forgive, Part 1 of 5

  1. Well you know Paul this stirs up all kinds of stuff in me!! Like someone said on your FB page, I can’t wait to see where this goes!!

    Could it be that it’s time for another Love & Forgiveness class??

    Much Love!


  2. Loretta, I more than suspect (indeed, given what I perceive to be the constant necessity of forgiveness, I can and dare say that I know), as you write, “it’s time for another ‘Love & Forgiveness’ class.”



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