Another Thought (I always have them!)

As I wrote in yesterday’s post (Self-Made v. Other-Made): Long I have maintained that no one arrives at a place of good without countless helping hearts and hands, many, if not most, unknown and unseen.

I also believe that one cannot always know and fully for whom and when and where and how one has been a helping heart and hand. Nevertheless, there are those lovely moments when one does know…

My mother, Clara Lolita Roberts Abernathy, was an elementary school teacher of nearly 40 years’ service. After her death, when reviewing a cache of her personal papers, I found a file marked “Special.” Inside, “Dear Mrs. Abernathy” letters and notes of former students sharing their words of gratitude for (a few of the many things):

“…being the best teacher I ever had and inspiring me to pursue teaching…”

“…your patience with me and helping me realize and reach my potential…”

“…your smile and cheerfulness, especially on what, for me, were bad days…”

“…your beautiful playing and singing voice and teaching me to appreciate music…”

“…being an adult with whom I could trust in sharing my thoughts and feelings…”

“…helping me see that the world was bigger than I could imagine…”

I pray that each of us may have the experience of hearing from others the good news that we have been a helping heart and hand. I pray, too, that we share with others the good news that they have been helping hearts and hands for us.


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