The Waiting Room

Subtitle: For all who wait on life’s edge of loss…

Sub-subtitle: A personal reflection arising from one of myriad poignant moments for a pastor – truly, I believe, for any one of us – when the travails of others weigh exceedingly heavily.

Hearts fearful speak through muffled voices words weighted with worry, sharing wistful memories of fretless past days whilst waiting…praying in hope for good news.

© 2023 PRA

5 thoughts on “The Waiting Room

  1. My first comment appears not to have made it – don’t know what happened, but I’m so glad you sent this today, Paul. Ted and I will be spending a good part of the day in a waiting room awaiting the conclusion of some surgery that Emilia is having. The timing of this post couldn’t be more appropriate for our family. Thank you for your care for those of us who are waiting and watching today, dear Paul, and thank you for your prayers, which I am sure will be there as well.

    Much love,



  2. My dearest Karen, Ted, and Emilia, please, know that my supplications with all hope for all healing arise and abide, with love.


    1. Thank you, Paul. Emilia’s home and seems to be doing well.


  3. Paul & Karen!!

    Read this yesterday and am glad to know that Emilia is doing well. Took a minute for me to comment as it stirred up quite a few memories for me and the times I’ve been in that waiting room AND the many times that others were in the waiting room anxiously waiting for news about me! I wanted to come back and comment though because you’ve just celebrated your 45th (I believe) anniversary of your ordination I can’t even imagine how many times you’ve been in the waiting room or with families in spirit as they’ve awaited news, which I’m sure wasn’t always good news. Gayle and I were talking about this the other night! Who do priests go to as they “wait”?



  4. My dearest Karen, please, share with Emilia and, please, you and Ted take to deepest heart that my prayers for Emilia’s healing and comfort continue. Love

    My dearest Loretta, “Who do priests go to as they ‘wait’?” As with all of us, as people, priests have those within their communities of closest confidantes — sometimes fellow clergy, yet, most often, I think (and, surely, in my experience) not — to whom and with whom we can risk the greatest vulnerability of sharing our wounded waiting.

    Love you, each and both, always and in all ways,


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