Some things I have learned #50

Subtitle: Or, at the least, I think I believe

Sub-subtitle: Or, at the most, I believe I know

Friendships. One of life’s grand gifts.

I’ve had friends for seasons of my life. For friendships, having formed as the fruit of common interests and affections and physical proximity, when distances arise in personal ambitions and attitudes or geography, can end.

Thus, of life’s gifts, grander are long-lived (my preference for “old”) friendships that survive and thrive through all the seasons of one’s life.

Marvin, whom I have known and loved for nearly as many years as I am old is my friend-for-all-seasons. Most recently, we were together and another friend commented, “What a treasure.”

Indeed. Amen.

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Photograph: November 12, 2022

3 thoughts on “Some things I have learned #50

  1. So thankful for your long friendship with Marvin and for yours with him, Paul. Treasure indeed! He looks like a wonderful fellow. I wish you both many more years of sharing life, memories, conversations, silences, good times, each others’ heartaches and each others’ joys.



    P.S. I like the whiskers!!!


  2. Paul,

    Where would we be without LIFELONG friends!!! So happy for you and Marvin. I remember a few previous posts about him! As Karen said we do have to treasure our special relationships!


  3. Karen and Loretta, Marvin, indeed, is a treasure. When his family moved on our St. Louis city block, I was 8 and he was 5. Thus, we’ve known each other for nearly 63 years. And through it all, o’er the course of years, manifold are our shared experiences, and then through time apart and distance, we have remained close. I am grateful.


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