A day shy of my 70th birthday, I, almost accidentally, pulled from my shelf a volume of my sermons published nearly a decade ago. Rereading, I have discovered (rediscovered) a cache of my core beliefs, central thematic life-principles.

This past Sunday, in a sermon, I referenced (among many things!) not knowing only that we are born, but also why. Perhaps, then, my reflecting on olden sermons was not by chance, but rather an act of Spirit-initiated serendipity.

What do you do to reground yourself in your life’s purpose?

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2 thoughts on “Redivivus

  1. Thrilled that you dug out (even accidentally) this awesome book!! Would be awesome if you could do a book signing after church so your parishioners could benefit!! Woooo Hoooo!!!!


    1. Thanks, Loretta. I’ll think about the book-signing!

      Another immediate observation (actually, two)…

      In re-reading these sermons, I find it ironic that (1) I had forgotten some of what I had written and (2) that some of my articulations of my thoughts/feelings remain as second-breath to me, that is, easily recalled in day-to-day thought and conversation. I am not sure fully what these awarenesses mean or may mean. Thus, I shall ponder more…



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